Free Software – Image Editor

July 12, 2009

I am proud to have developed the Image Editor and love to share the same with you. It is to edit  all most any type of Images and also convert them to different formats. Best is you can work in English or Tamil or Kannada with ultimate ease. Full help is available in English and Tamil.

Free download package include Num2WordDemo and XPictureBoxDemo.

Num2Word will give you the idea, how to translate numbers in different numbering systems in English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Example, see the same amount in Millions or Crores etc. Then XPictureBox, picture can be edited simply at the place of display itself and comes with inbuilt ImageEditor.

Download this ImageEditor from the following link. Unzip to a local folder and use setup to install it on to your system. Consult Readme file for instructions and contacts in case of any problems wrt Setup.

Download it here: ImageEditor (Ver 1.0)

Experience the ease of use and the power of my Image Editor. I bet it would be one of the best you have ever seen. Also the other demos. Do not forget to comment.